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What in the world is an estate bond and why is it so dang expensive!?

If any of you have had the pleasure of even slightly rubbing shoulders with the legal sphere, you may have noticed that judges love bonds, and that bonds seem to be everywhere in all kinds of legal issues. If you are unlucky or rambunctious enough to get the the cuffs slapped on you, you may know all about a criminal bond, or getting “bonded” out. If you’ve been appointed guardian looking

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Jun 2015

DTPA Part II: What it Prohibits and Who Gets to Use It

In my last consumer article, I talked about the Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA), what it is, and how it protects consumers. I promised a follow up regarding what activities are prohibited under the statute, and what remedies it provides. In this post I’ll discuss warranties. There are several avenues for bringing a cause of action under the DTPA, one of the most common  stems from the breach of an express


Jun 2015

Disputing a Will Spoiler Alert – It’s Not Like in the Movies

Despite what you may see in the movies, there is rarely, if ever, a “reading of the Will” after a person passes away. Family members and friends don’t show up at the attorney’s office and sit around the conference table to hear with bated breath whether you are inheriting grandfather’s secret Swiss bank accounts or find out that he hated you all his life and left you nothing. And worked


Jun 2015

Texas Franchise Tax: A Deceptively Named Tax That May Apply to You

Most people, when they see or hear of the Texas Franchise Tax think to themselves “I’m a small business owner, and I don’t own any franchises…I don’t own a McDonalds or a Burger King….so the Franchise Tax doesn’t apply to me.” Wrong. The Texas Franchise Tax actually applies to Partnerships, Corporations, LLCs, professional and business associations, joint ventures, and business trusts, as per the Texas Comptroller’s Website. In other words,


May 2015

It’s Flooding Down in Texas: Water Overflow and Landowner Disputes

Unless you’ve been living in a very high cave for the past month, you know that “t’s flooding down in Texas,” but for the most part our telephones lines are not down. All deference to the king of Texas rock, but if you’re like me, you’re probably getting a little tired of the rain. Now, people from the rest of the country may shake their heads at our state and

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