Many people come into our office and are adamant that they need a trust. They aren’t sure what kind of trust, or what exactly a trust does, but they know they need one. More and more, I find myself explaining to them that they don’t really need a trust. Often, they will spend more money and more time in upkeep of a trust over the years than it’s really worth.

What’s the difference between a Warranty Deed and a Quitclaim? I’ve also heard clients incorrectly call it a ‘Quickclaim Deed”. The main difference between the two types of deeds is what the seller guaranteeing, and what protection the buyer is receiving.   A Warranty Deed contains a clause in the Deed that effectively warrants, or guarantees, that the Seller owns the land that they are selling. If it turns out

Besides the pride of owning your own home…along with the taxes, homeowner’s insurance, paying for your own repairs, mowing your lawn…you also get certain protections and benefits that aren’t given to renters. Most, though not all, of these protections and benefits are only available if you have filed a Homestead Designation with your local county appraisal district office. Once you’ve filed the Homestead Designation, then you’re entitled to a homestead

The Texas Estates Code attempts to protect the surviving spouse and minor children of the Deceased by listing specifically exempt property. This exempt property is set aside by the Probate Court despite the wishes of the heirs or directions of a Will. This protection is especially valuable in split families, where the adult children don’t like their dad’s new gold-digging wife or mom’s new dead-beat husband. If the dad were

It happens over and over again. A wife comes into my office after her husband has passed away and she wants to know how to get everything switched over to her name. She’s heard of Probate and an Executor but she really isn’t sure how the Probate process works. Maybe her husband’s name was on the car, and both their names were on the house. She just wants to keep

Elbow room is hard to come by these days. Daniel Boone was looking for a bit more of it when he headed West after the Revolutionary War. These days, people are moving to the cities and suburban life but still want that elbow room when they look out their back window. Where their elbow room stops, and their neighbor’s elbow room begins is, not surprisingly, a flashpoint of anger and