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How to Sign a Will If You or a Loved One Are Disabled

I recently had someone ask me at an event about executing a will. Specifically, what happens when someone needs to sign a will, but they have a disability (like blindness) that prevents signing? There are a few considerations. §251.051 of Texas Estates Code is a good place to start: “Except as otherwise provided by law, a last will and testament must be: in writing; signed by: the testator in person;

buy gabapentin 600 mg


Aug 2016

When Does a Power of Attorney End?

I get several calls a month from people saying that they don’t understand why they need to probate their mom’s estate (or their spouse’s, dad’s, brother’s, sister’s estate) because before they died their mom signed a Power of Attorney naming them as their mom’s agent. Or, even worse, they call and say they’ve already taken care of their deceased loved one’s estate using the Power of Attorney. What they don’t


Apr 2016

Effect of Divorce on My Will and Power of Attorney

A lot of things end at the time of divorce, not just a marriage.   If you’ve been smart and had an estate plan prepared while you’re married, you now need to be proactive again. Upon divorce, many documents cease to have their same effect. That can often be a good thing, but it can leave holes in your estate plan if you’re not aware of the changes.   For


Mar 2016

New to Guardianship: Background Checks for All

Here at Regan & Frisbie Law Firm, we try to keep you updated on new changes to the law that could affect you. Whether it’s Probate, Guardianship, Business Law, LLC formations, or Estate Planning, we try to keep you as informed as possible to the daily changes to the law. One of the new changes to the Texas Estates Code is the removal of the family exemption from the background


Jan 2016

The Best Time to Contest a Will

It happens more often than people think: Dad is sick and hasn’t seen his kids for years…his new wife encourages him to update his Will to reflect his new marriage status and love. Dad eventually dies and the children are less than happy to find out that their new Stepmom is the sole beneficiary of their Dad’s estate. Feeling robbed and outraged, they want to contest the new Will. Is


Dec 2015

Guardianship – Power, Right, and Need

“He no longer has the right to vote.” “He no longer has the power to decide where he lives.” “He no longer has the right to drive a vehicle.” “He no longer has the power to withdraw money from his bank account.” Those can be hard words to hear for any American to hear, but sometimes it’s for that person’s own good. As we are live longer now, more and


Dec 2015

Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer

Take that snapshot The holidays are here, roaring like a freight train upon us. I want to share one of the habits I’ve gotten into when I head home for the holidays. It goes like this… I like to walk into the main room of my grandmother’s home in West Texas on Christmas Day. In our family, the large Christmas meal is usually a dinner, because years of habit have ingrained that morning


Nov 2015

Traveling for the Holidays? Here are 5 things to think about before you make that drive or flight.

A good portion of our practice is estate planning. To us, this means working with our clients to avoid things they want to avoid, or to hit goals they have sighted in on. There are so many great tools to accomplish you and your spouse’s goals, but let’s just focus on the worries that can plague holiday travel. Get a Medical Power of Attorney This is a big one to


Nov 2015

Little Known Secrets of a Power of Attorney

It seems everyone wants a Power of Attorney, even if they aren’t sure what it is or what it does. They just know they should have one. A Power of Attorney designation is a great tool and when used properly it can save a lot of financial hardship and headache. However, an agent appointed by a Power of Attorney has great power and it can easily be abused. Therefore, before


Sep 2015

Estate Planning for the Small Business Owner

Estate Planning is important for everyone, but it’s crucial for Owners of small businesses. Most people are excited about starting their own business and getting their ideas off the paper and out into the market. They often forget to address worst case scenarios of a failure of the business, debts, or a falling out of the business partners. A proper Estate Plan addresses all those concerns and adds protection to

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