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New to Guardianship: Background Checks for All

Here at Regan & Frisbie Law Firm, we try to keep you updated on new changes to the law that could affect you. Whether it’s Probate, Guardianship, Business Law, LLC formations, or Estate Planning, we try to keep you as informed as possible to the daily changes to the law. One of the new changes to the Texas Estates Code is the removal of the family exemption from the background

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Dec 2015

Guardianship – Power, Right, and Need

“He no longer has the right to vote.” “He no longer has the power to decide where he lives.” “He no longer has the right to drive a vehicle.” “He no longer has the power to withdraw money from his bank account.” Those can be hard words to hear for any American to hear, but sometimes it’s for that person’s own good. As we are live longer now, more and


Nov 2015

Little Known Secrets of a Power of Attorney

It seems everyone wants a Power of Attorney, even if they aren’t sure what it is or what it does. They just know they should have one. A Power of Attorney designation is a great tool and when used properly it can save a lot of financial hardship and headache. However, an agent appointed by a Power of Attorney has great power and it can easily be abused. Therefore, before


Aug 2015

Transferring A Guardianship

With the explosive economic growth here in the North DFW area around Plano and Frisco, we’re seeing an increase in folks moving in from out of state. If you or another family member is the guardian of a minor child or a loved one that has been designated a Ward in another jurisdiction, and you move to the Lone Star state, you’re going to want to get that guardianship transferred

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