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Estate Administration and Creditors

Let’s talk a little about debt and creditors in probate. To begin, once a probate process starts, someone is usually appointed the administrator of the estate. This could be an executor named in a will, or someone who applies to be an administrator with the court if there is no will. I often get calls from potential administrators telling me that creditors are calling and stressing them out. First, be aware

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Jun 2015

DTPA Part II: What it Prohibits and Who Gets to Use It

In my last consumer article, I talked about the Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA), what it is, and how it protects consumers. I promised a follow up regarding what activities are prohibited under the statute, and what remedies it provides. In this post I’ll discuss warranties. There are several avenues for bringing a cause of action under the DTPA, one of the most common  stems from the breach of an express


Apr 2015

The DTPA. What it is, and How it Protects Consumers in the Marketplace.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), there were over one million official complaints made by consumers at the federal level in 2010. Additionally, we now know mobile devices are driving online transactions through the roof. It’s estimated by the International Data Corporation (IDC) that by 2020, there will be 450 billion transactions occurring through the internet EVERY DAY. These transactions are in addition to the enormous volume of normal

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