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Thinking About Insurance When Starting a Business.

Liability There are tons things to think about when starting your business. Business plans, securing financing, cash flow analysis, inventory, employees (this one is always scary)…the list can go on forever. Don’t forget to think a little bit about your vulnerabilities. It’s a valuable exercise for many (maybe most) startup companies to make a list of their projected liabilities (read “weak spots” or “worst case scenarios”) to determine where the soft

buy gabapentin 600 mg


Oct 2016

When Should I Form My LLC?

North Texas, especially North Dallas, is becoming the business startup epicenter that Silicon Valley was in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. People are moving here from all parts of the USA and from around the world for the big tech and healthcare companies that are relocating here. These are people that have a great work ethic, are highly intelligent in their field, and never stop having new ideas. They’re creating


Jan 2016

Two Big Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

The advantage of a small business forming an LLC is that it creates a protection barrier between the small business owner and the business. If the business is sued and the LLC has been properly maintained, then the business owner’s personal assets will be protected from the lawsuit. The lawsuit will only be able to claim damages against the assets in the LLC, and not the owner’s bank accounts, properties,


Jul 2015

Growing Your Business: Part Two: Phone Books

Continuing my look at different methods of growing your small business, today I’m talking about Phone Books. I know what your first reaction was when I said Phone Books….why? Phone books are ancient history! No one uses them. Everyone just googles what they need to find on their phone. And this is true to a large extent, but it depends on your target demographic. This is where knowing your business,


Jul 2015

Growing Your Business: Part 1: Billboards

There are a lot of different pitches out there on how to grow your business. Grow your business through social media. Grow your business through billboards…one-on-one networking…get an office, put your sign up, and they will come. I can’t tell which method is best for your business, because every business owner brings their own flavor and character to a business that makes it unique. What I can do is give


Jun 2015

Texas Franchise Tax: A Deceptively Named Tax That May Apply to You

Most people, when they see or hear of the Texas Franchise Tax think to themselves “I’m a small business owner, and I don’t own any franchises…I don’t own a McDonalds or a Burger King….so the Franchise Tax doesn’t apply to me.” Wrong. The Texas Franchise Tax actually applies to Partnerships, Corporations, LLCs, professional and business associations, joint ventures, and business trusts, as per the Texas Comptroller’s Website. In other words,


Apr 2015

5 Common Mistakes when Starting a Business

I’ve formed many businesses over the years, ranging from professional services to retail. While they may not share a similar product or mission, all the successful businesses avoided these mistakes: 1. Not Laying the Foundation. People get so excited about their new product or their new business that they rush in and start selling on Facebook or Amazon and forget to protect themselves and their product. Forming an LLC at

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