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What’s the difference between a Warranty Deed and a Quitclaim? I’ve also heard clients incorrectly call it a ‘Quickclaim Deed”. The main difference between the two types of deeds is what the seller guaranteeing, and what protection the buyer is receiving.   A Warranty Deed contains a clause in the Deed that effectively warrants, or guarantees, that the Seller owns the land that they are selling. If it turns out

Have you been putting off getting a Will because you say the kids can fight about it when you’re gone? Or, you don’t want to pay for something that you won’t be around to use yourself?   Here’s a quick breakdown of the costs of Probate with a Will versus without a Will.   If you have a Will, Your property goes to your named beneficiaries, and does not have

A lot of things end at the time of divorce, not just a marriage.   If you’ve been smart and had an estate plan prepared while you’re married, you now need to be proactive again. Upon divorce, many documents cease to have their same effect. That can often be a good thing, but it can leave holes in your estate plan if you’re not aware of the changes.   For

I get asked by clients, bank employees, and beneficiaries all the time “what’s the difference between an Executor and Administrator?” Some are a little bit more adventurous and ask what an Administrator with the Will Annexed is.” So below is a quick breakdown of the different types of people in charge of an estate.   When a person passes away, all their assets belong to their estate. Regardless of the

Besides the pride of owning your own home…along with the taxes, homeowner’s insurance, paying for your own repairs, mowing your lawn…you also get certain protections and benefits that aren’t given to renters. Most, though not all, of these protections and benefits are only available if you have filed a Homestead Designation with your local county appraisal district office. Once you’ve filed the Homestead Designation, then you’re entitled to a homestead

Here at Regan & Frisbie Law Firm, we try to keep you updated on new changes to the law that could affect you. Whether it’s Probate, Guardianship, Business Law, LLC formations, or Estate Planning, we try to keep you as informed as possible to the daily changes to the law. One of the new changes to the Texas Estates Code is the removal of the family exemption from the background

The Texas Estates Code attempts to protect the surviving spouse and minor children of the Deceased by listing specifically exempt property. This exempt property is set aside by the Probate Court despite the wishes of the heirs or directions of a Will. This protection is especially valuable in split families, where the adult children don’t like their dad’s new gold-digging wife or mom’s new dead-beat husband. If the dad were

The new Texas Estates Code replaced the thirty year old Texas Probate Code a few years ago and with it came many updates. One of the updates has been the Affidavit in Lieu of Inventory. This Affidavit can be filed by the Executor in place of the Inventory and provides greater privacy to the estate and to the heirs. As probate estate documents are normally public records, many people disliked

Is the Will I made years ago when I lived in another state still good? Can it be probated in Texas? With our mobile society these days, it’s not uncommon for people to move between states frequently. Years ago we saw a mass exodus from the northeastern states down to Florida and Arizona…for the sunshine and the lack of Estate Taxes in the southern states (in general). Over the past

“I Don’t Want to Go Through Probate!” I have clients come in quite often wanted to avoid the dreaded probate courts. What I tell them depends on what they are there to see me for. If a client comes to me wanting to get their estate plan in order to avoid probate for a number of reasons, we can talk. However, if a client wants to move someone else’s estate