I get several calls a month from people saying that they don’t understand why they need to probate their mom’s estate (or their spouse’s, dad’s, brother’s, sister’s estate) because before they died their mom signed a Power of Attorney naming them as their mom’s agent. Or, even worse, they call and say they’ve already taken care of their deceased loved one’s estate using the Power of Attorney. What they don’t

I’ve talked about probate quite a bit in previous posts, which is good because its one of our firm’s core practice areas. The first question I hear is usually, “how long does probate take?” To answer that question simply, it depends on if there is a probate contest or not, and if there will. If there is a will and no contest pending, most of the time it will only

Payment on Death Beneficiary Accounts, also known as P.O.D. accounts, have been gaining in popularity over the last several years. A P.O.D. account designation is a contract between you and your financial institutions that upon your death, the financial institution agrees to pay whatever money is in the account at the time of your death to your listed beneficiaries. It acts the same way a life insurance policy does. It