The new Texas Estates Code replaced the thirty year old Texas Probate Code a few years ago and with it came many updates. One of the updates has been the Affidavit in Lieu of Inventory. This Affidavit can be filed by the Executor in place of the Inventory and provides greater privacy to the estate and to the heirs. As probate estate documents are normally public records, many people disliked

Is the Will I made years ago when I lived in another state still good? Can it be probated in Texas? With our mobile society these days, it’s not uncommon for people to move between states frequently. Years ago we saw a mass exodus from the northeastern states down to Florida and Arizona…for the sunshine and the lack of Estate Taxes in the southern states (in general). Over the past

“I Don’t Want to Go Through Probate!” I have clients come in quite often wanted to avoid the dreaded probate courts. What I tell them depends on what they are there to see me for. If a client comes to me wanting to get their estate plan in order to avoid probate for a number of reasons, we can talk. However, if a client wants to move someone else’s estate