Take that snapshot

The holidays are here, roaring like a freight train upon us. I want to share one of the habits I’ve gotten into when I head home for the holidays. It goes like this…

I like to walk into the main room of my grandmother’s home in West Texas on Christmas Day. In our family, the large Christmas meal is usually a dinner, because years of habit have ingrained that morning time is for present opening (read: “ripping,” “shredding,” or “tearing”). Then, I like to stop, drink some coffee, and watch everyone moving into and out of their respective areas. Whether my grandmother is in the kitchen, or my dad is watching football. I try and hone in on what they are doing, who they are to me, and what this thing I take for granted called family is all about.

Then, I stop and take a mental picture of the whole scene. Parents, cousins, aunts, brother, and sister, all together ­– and – that’s it. I just take the picture and enjoy it. I give thanks that at this time, right now, everyone is healthy and we are together.

Some families don’t have that luxury. If you or a loved one are enduring some poor health, and you’ve been putting off that power of attorney, or medical directive; have that discussion, it takes five minutes.

Enough of such things,

From us over here at Regan & Frisbie,

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Pleasant Holidays.

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