If any of you have had the pleasure of even slightly rubbing shoulders with the legal sphere, you may have noticed that judges love bonds, and that bonds seem to be everywhere in all kinds of legal issues. If you are unlucky or rambunctious enough to get the the cuffs slapped on you, you may know all about a criminal bond, or getting “bonded” out. If you’ve been appointed guardian looking

With the explosive economic growth here in the North DFW area around Plano and Frisco, we’re seeing an increase in folks moving in from out of state. If you or another family member is the guardian of a minor child or a loved one that has been designated a Ward in another jurisdiction, and you move to the Lone Star state, you’re going to want to get that guardianship transferred


Aug 2015

Pet Trusts

Can I create a trust for my pet? Under Texas law, Property Code Section 112.037, you can have a Trust created for the benefit of your pet, whether that’s your beloved Husky or Siamese cat. You name someone you trust who will take care of the pets and receive a certain amount of income from your trust on a monthly or annual basis. The person designated will look after and

Raising a child has never been easy. Raising a child with mental disabilities is certainly not any easier and brings with it unique challenges. This article addresses a few of those challenges you as a parent may have already faced, or possibly will face down the road. But don’t worry, along with those challenges I’m going to give you solutions. Just like a child with mental disabilities brings their own