A young woman called my office the other day with the following question. “What is probate? Is it the same as probation?” I explained that they were not the same, despite looking on paper like kissing cousins, but it got me thinking. Over at Regan & Frisbie, we have clients coming in from all over the DFW metroplex area, and we get many questions. In past posts, we’ve talked about

Continuing my look at different methods of growing your small business, today I’m talking about Phone Books. I know what your first reaction was when I said Phone Books….why? Phone books are ancient history! No one uses them. Everyone just googles what they need to find on their phone. And this is true to a large extent, but it depends on your target demographic. This is where knowing your business,

There are a lot of different pitches out there on how to grow your business. Grow your business through social media. Grow your business through billboards…one-on-one networking…get an office, put your sign up, and they will come. I can’t tell which method is best for your business, because every business owner brings their own flavor and character to a business that makes it unique. What I can do is give